Plastic Playing Cards Modiano Texas Poker Light Blue




100% Plastic playing cards with jumbo index in 2 corners of the cards. These plastic cards Modiano Texas Poker light blue are specially designed and made for the Texas Hold’em poker game. This light blue plastic deck from Modiano contains 52 poker size playing cards and 3 jokers. The Modiano Texas Poker playing cards are packed in cellophane and in a protective cardboard box.

100% Plastic playing cards Modiano
For over 140 years, the Italian playing card manufacturer Modiano make some of the best playing cards in the world. These 100% plastic Modiano cards are very popular among poker players and poker rooms in Europe and the United States of America. The plastic playing cards made by Modiano are thicker and stiffer than most 100% plastic playing cards from other brands. All 100% plastic cards made by Modiano are water resistant, suitable for shufflers and extremely durable.

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