High Roller Poker Cash Game Set 1000+ Chips




Poker chips specially designed and made for High Stakes Poker. These High Roller Poker Cash Game Set 1,000+ is suitable for high roller poker tournaments and for High Stakes Poker Cash Games. Made from 10 grams ceramic chips, the same as the poker chips where you play with in casino’s, poker private houses, poker clubs and poker rooms all around the world. This more than 1,000 poker chips with a High Roller Poker Cash Game design come in two black poker cases 500 with four decks, COPAG Special Edition Silver 100% plastic playing cards, four COPAG plastic cut cards, 1 Dealer puck, 1 Little Blind Button, 1 Big Blind Button, 1 Missed blind button, 1 Kill button, 1 Reserved button, 10 dices, and 2 pairs of keys.

This complete poker chips set 1,000+ with five value cash game chips is perfectly suited for single table high roller poker tournaments and full ring cash games with blinds at 2K/5K and 5K/10K. The total dotation of this High Roller Poker cash game poker set 1,000 is over 24 million. A unique poker set with 1,000+ High Roller Poker Chips to play poker at home or in the pub with family, friends and/or acquaintances.

The poker set High Roller Poker Cash Games and contains the following 1128 chips:
-350 white chips with value one thousand 1K
-225 red chips with value five thousand 5K
-212 blue chips with value ten thousand 10K
-172 green chips with value twenty five thousand 25K
-169 orange chips with value one hundred thousand 100K

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