Euro design poker chips




These poker chip Euro design weigh 14 grams per piece and are made of a good quality clay composite in three colors. The micro recesses on either side of these casino chips are equipped with a laminated sticker foil wha makes the chip design complete. Because of the sharp and clear color differences of the poker chips Euro design, the denominations are good visible at the poker table. The full-color Euro chips stack perfectly well because they are well finished. With these clear poker chips Euro design you can build solid and high towers at the poker table. Great poker chips to play poker with family or friends, these Euro chips are suitable for both home games and cash games.

The poker chips Euro design are for sale at in different denominations and colours:
€0.05 cent – €0.10 cent – €0.20 cent – €0.50 cent – €1 Euro – €2 Euro – €5 Euro – €10 Euro – €20 Euro – €50 Euro – €100 Euro – €200 Euro – €500 Euro

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